Monday, July 28, 2008

How'd This Happen?

I hate that it's Monday morning already! I had such a great 'nothing' kind of weekend, but it seems to have gone so fast.

I cooked yesterday. Greek stuffed peppers and veggie lasagne. So dinner won't be a challenge this week. Lasagne/Stuffed peppers/Tacos/Shrimp Salad. There's lots, so lunches might even be taken care of.

Grind, grind, back to the grind.

Why can't I be independently wealthy? That'd be fun. For awhile anyway.

Fire Mountain's Bead Competition has started. I'm entering two pieces. Just for the heck of it. The daily challenge of not losing my shit at work can't be the only challenge I face. Hence the bead challenge. Stay tuned.

We wanted to go to the beach over the 2nd weekend in August. Do you think I can find a campsite? Hell no. How about a hotel room that dosen't cost between 150 and 170 a night? Hell no again. Sheesh. You're killing me here. I need some salt air!

Eh. Carry on.


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