Friday, March 07, 2008

Guy Fieri You Big Sellout

I am a Food Network junkie. I don't like Emeril (overexposured) and Rachael Ray needs to just chill out a little bit. (Again, overexposured) My latest 'guy' was Guy Fieri. Big and loud, with spiky hair, tattoos, cool cars, and a big fun attitude, I was all about Guy. He has a show, "Guy's Big Bite" which isn't all that great, and some recipe competition show where 'real' people come and cook their recipes, but his other show "Diners, Drive Ins & Dives" is GREAT. Guy goes to all these NON-CHAIN restaurants around the US, visits them, hangs out, and generally has a good time. Greasy spoons, holes in the walls, the local diner where your grandfather took your father who took you. All the while saying mostly the same thing - "Good local food. Not from a chain restaurant. Made fresh every day." (Or in an interview I read with him, "Real food for real people."

Guy is deep on my shit list now. Last week a saw a commerical for TGI FUCKING FRIDAYS that featured no other than Guy Fieri talking about now you can go to your local TGI FUCKING FRIDAY and get food that is made from the winning recipes from the Food Network Challenge show.

So much for non-chain cookie cutter food. And Guy, I'm so disappointed in you. I know you own a couple restaurants in California, but TGI FUCKING FRIDAYS? I gave you more credit than that.

Sadly, I'm going to have to add Guy to my list of 'sell outs'. Along with the CrApplebee's whore, Tyler Florence. I just don't get people who had cooking shows TEACHING people about REAL food, then turn around and shill for bullshit crap food emporiums. Whats up with that, Guy? I had such faith in you.

Add this to the mix- Guy has a several restaurants in Southern California, one of which being Tex Wasabis. It's a sushi and BARBEQUE place. No shit. If he hadn't turned on me, I'd love him that much more. Sushi and 'que. Who'da thunk? Tex Wasabi's has multiple locations, as does his other venture Johnny Garlic's. I'm SURE they still compete with CrApplebees, and TGIFuckingFridays too. Tsk, tsk.

Some other day I'll bitch about Sandra Lee and her goddamn tablescapes, pneumatic boobs, and color freaking coordinated kitchens.


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