Monday, November 14, 2011

All week, I count down to Friday afternoon. Friday afternoons are the adult version of the last day of school for kids. Friday comes, and I have a list of things that need done over the weekend.

When the list includes housework related items, 90% of the time they don't get done.

Such was the case this past weekend. Simple things like replace the shower curtain, buy birdseed, take out the freakin' air conditioner (hello, it's November) were ignored. Again. The house is filthy, and there's a wholesale jewelry order to fill. The yard needs cleaned up for winter. The summer stuff on the porch needs put away, replaced by the snow shovel and ice melt. Oh wait, the ice melt and snow shovel never got removed last year. (We must have been busy)


Hunny's time is spent laying on the couch snoring. He's tired. He's always tired. Not tired enough to stay up half the night on Friday and Saturday watching old movies, but tired, oh SO tired, when it comes to chores. You know how it goes.

So it's up to me to make sure everything gets done right. If I start the chore, he'll get off the couch, (with an audible sigh) to 'help', which is my cue to say, "no, no I'll do it" and he'll either happily go back to the couch, half ass a chore he likes.

It was all too much trouble for me to play that game this weekend. Saturday we visited two local farmer's markets, and came home in time to catch the Penn State/Nebraska game.

I'm not an alumni of PSU, but by virtue of living in Central PA, one gets pulled into the whole PSU thing. I do feel they treated Paterno unfairly by firing him by phone after half a century of service, and countless MILLIONS of dollars donated to the school. Tacky, tacky. However, there was a tone that needed to be set, and the Big Blue Machine had to show their donors that they were taking all the necessary steps to make the problem right. I say just execute that pedophile jackass Sandusky in front of Old Main and be done with it. The repercussions have just started, and Oh Boy will THIS be interesting. (Media driven draaaama!)

I digress. So we watched the game, I shed a tear or three (yay premenopause!) and that was that. The Former Chef had asked if we wanted to meet in Ship for beers and laughs, and was actually going to show up for a change. We trucked down there and waited on her for an hour, and she showed up with her new work buddy (I guess the moaning about 'forced socializing' does not apply to this one) and we spent several hours there eating, drinking and generally being a loud table full of people who should be avoided.

Sunday came, and the list was still unlined. I suggested we go to the Pa Guild of Craftsmen show in Lancaster. Hunny wasn't wild about the idea, but it was better than mowing the grass. Off we went. I'm a Guild member so it didn't cost me 9 bucks to get in, but Hunny isn't and he was less than pleased about having to pay to look at FINE CRAFT. I figured this little exercise would take about 3 hours all told, and we'd have plenty of time for the list when we got back. Oh no, wrong again. After plodding thru the show, and looking at some very nice things, (but some very surly artists, whats up with having no booth presence at a major show?) we decided to walk around Lancaster. Lancaster sucks. That's all I have to say. Nice bead store, though. She had some funky colors of seed beads, but I didn't purchase any. I have way too much stuff now, and I just wasn't shoppy. We headed home.

By now, he was starving so we stopped at the dysfunctional Bob Evans near the house for lunch. I like Bob's. For a chain restaurant, they're pretty good. However, the local one must be where all idiot waitresses and inept managers go before they're drummed out of food service. The glass my tea came in was filthy. The waitress was really dumb ("Huh? Dirty? I guess I'll bring you a new one...duh...) and just all around a poor excuse for a lunch. Again. That's two strikes on them. Every time Hunny wants to go there, I remind him of the last experience. But yet we still end up there. I can't tell you why.

Once we got home, I checked my email, and he hit the couch and promptly grew roots. I did my laundry, and puttered around and he slept. I did manage some chores, but not everything I needed, but oh well. Monday's another day.

And back we are to Monday, to start the countdown all over again. Is it spring yet?

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