Wednesday, June 02, 2010's still here! The ole' blog hasn't disappeared. While I can't promise a daily update, I do believe I'd like to get back to blogging. Facebook is getting a little stale these days. I don't play the games anymore, and sometimes I've got more to say than just a few lines.

It's Spring Craft Show season. We've done two already, with moderate success. The big big one is next weekend, the Great Tastes of PA Food & Wine Festival at the Split Rock Resort in the Poconos. Of course I will work myself into a majah snit getting ready, but that's what I do.

Day Job is busier than ever. Lots of rush jobs. I could go on and on, but the bigs have taken to the internets, and while this blog has been fallow awhile, it doesn't mean it stopped being observed.

There's a garden again this year. The usual suspects, tomatoes, peppers and weeds. A few experiments-broccoli, brussels sprouts and one lone squash. I haven't decided if squash need friends. Never grew it before. But I'm almost out of space already.

And more kittens. They're getting packed off to someplace soon. I just can't figure out how to disperse them short of taking them to the vets under cover of darkness in a box with a $50 bill attached, "Please take care of these babies, I can't"

Carry on!

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