Monday, September 28, 2009

Last night I dreamed we were at a big craft show and it rained.

Probably because on Saturday we were at a big craft show and it rained. Again. I see a theme developing here.

The big Townfest was surprisingly successful even though it rained off and on all day. The day started off poorly before we even left, as Obbie decided to be a pissy bitch, and I wasn't in the mood. He took a half day on Friday under the pretense of fixing the earring display. He basically ran around all day, then worked until about 9:00 outside trying to redo the earring rack. It looks a little better, but he half assed it. He has all good intentions to start with, then, works himself into a froth because it's not working like he's envisioned it, then just goes through the motions. So, he was out on the 'patio' (a crumbling pad of concrete that the landlady feels is good enough NOT to fix) hammering and cutting and grumbling, IN the damp, IN the chill, with an attitude. I'm up at 4:45 on Saturday, to clean cat boxes, feed the cats, and to do the general panic that I do before every show. He gets up at 5:15, and is feeling poorly. This time of year kills him with his allergies. So it's the Honk and Tweet show every hour of every day. Which is the cat's faults too, you know. So he's pissy about that. And he dosen't feel good. And the earring rack is a big let down. And the flyers he printed are crooked and uncut, which pissed ME off, because I asked him to do it last week, and he did it half way. When I asked him WHY they were uncut and crooked and on white paper (colors, people COLORS) he said they were busy at work, and he couldn't get any better than that. Then WHY for Gods sakes didn't you call me and say, "They're busy, can you take them to the printer and get some made?" But no, it's easier to ignore it. So THAT pissed me off.

And we weren't even in the car yet.

After a couple miles of bitching it was all worked out, we got coffee and yogurt and headed to the show.

Set up, no problem, same spot at the past umpteen years (good) and as soon as I hung the last earring, it started to sprinkle. We moved displays inward, so only one table was not under the tent, and carried on.

It rained. It poured. It sprinkled. And the people came out. We made a fair amount of money, much to my amazement. But by 3:00 we were cold and damp and ready to go home. Moms was there, and we had dinner with her and beat feet (in the rain) to get home and get the chill off.

Another show this weekend, I wonder if No Rain Please is too much to ask?

We'll see about that!

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