Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Hi there!

Long time no see.

It's been that kind of summer. We didn't do anything, it seemed, but it also seemed like summer was over so fast.

I beaded a wedding bag for a friend's daughter's wedding. That was in August. I heard from my Mom that she got an email saying the friend's daughter liked it. I've heard nothing. I spent a very, very long time building this damn thing. oh well.

The fall craft show season is in full swing. Two down, seven or eight to go. I'm spent too much time pondering why I'm doing this, and what I hope to gain. But on the upside, I was interviewed by the local newspaper, and the story was on the front page, then last night, my picture was on the front page of the former hometown newspaper. Too funny. But that still leaves me with, "Why am I making jewelry and where am I going with it?"

There are a huge number of cats at my house now, and my landlady has taken a sudden interest in 'her' house. She claims I have too many cats, and need to get rid of some or she's going to evict me. Well then. One would think after 7 years of rent, I'd have a little leeway. And it's not like we're living in filth, for goodness sakes. But, I'm at the mercy of the landlady. And her weird nephew who lives up the road, and while I'm told he's an engineer or something, he seems to spent a lot of time mowing the grass across the road, and skulking around. He gives me the creeps.

So I'd like $20,000 for a downpayment on a house, so I can keep my cats and not be worried about being stalked by an 85 year old control freak. Shall I put the Paypal button on the sidebar now or later....? How many pairs of earrings make $20,000? (between 2,000 and 5,000 I think) So anyway.

What's new with you? Does anyone even come here anymore? Probably not. That's what I get for dropping out of the blogosphere. I basically have fallen into Facebook and can't get out. Mafia Wars and Breaking Bricks have been the death of creativity here. Mom and I went on vacation, and it rained, so I spent a week in the hotel making jewelry, so I've got a pretty good stock o'stuff built up. But as always, more, I need more.

And the day job makes my head explode one way or another every day. But I'm getting to the point where my head exploding is just another thing to check off on the to do list. "Okay, head exploded, check! Next!!" But at 5:01 it's all behind me.

And that's been the last couple weeks in a nutshell. I'll try to write more often.

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