Wednesday, July 15, 2009

So hi. What's new? Not much here. The same old thing, pretty much. No shows coming up, so I'm just wasting time online. Doing 'research'. Yeah right.

I'm tired today. Work is amping up pretty good. Which I'm grateful for. Having not a whole lot to do leads to dumb web surfing, and that is not allowed. And while I'm not totally sure we are spied upon, I'm not totally sure we DON'T. Therefore I err on the side of caution. My etsy and ebay browsing takes place at home. And since some people couldn't stay off facebook and myspays, those are actually blocked. Which is fine with me. I hate myspays and I don't even think I have a space there anymore. Facebook, that's a different story. There's your place for time wasting. Even though I don't love them like I used to, I still spend stupid amounts of time there. So anyway, my internet surfing mostly takes place at home because I'm too paranoid, and lately too busy at work. I do check my emails rather obsessively, but I'm really positive there are other people there who do the same. Not mentioning any names.

Most of the forums I used to visit are either dead or should be. I check on a few once in awhile, only because I'm fond of some of the people. The jewelry forums I do check more than the regular chatty ones, for inspiration and general knowledge. They actually have merit, unlike the other ones, most of which are chock full of stupid commentary (not unlike this blog...) hatefulness and internet balls. (Meaning people talking big shit, who wouldn't ordinarily be like that in life) I'm just tired of the nasty comments I read on lots of forums. The ones run by local newspapers are notoriously rotten. I just can't get over how ignorant people are when they think they're anonymous. (HA, there's some irony, huh?)

And thats what I have for now. I should walk my mile and get it out of the way, maybe it'll wake me up a little too.

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