Monday, July 06, 2009

Happy 6th of July!

We had a crap show on the 4th of July, which had much drama first thing in the am. To the point where Obbie was ready to just go home. The 'person in charge' (henceforth known as Tee Hee) was nowhere to be found when we finally got to the show on Saturday. After driving in circles looking for someone in charge (or with a clipboard) Obbie got out of the car and went off in search for Tee Hee on foot. When he found her, she informed him that our location had changed, since THE TUPPERWARE LADY pitched a fit the night before because SHE didn't like HER spot, so of course, Tee Hee gave her OURS. SHE wanted the end spot. So she giggled (hence Tee Hee) and said, "I guess that's okay with you right?" and then went on to inform Obbie that the other jewelry seller she put us next to COMPLAINED that we were their neighbors (whatthefuck?) So we had the spot that Tupperware didn't want, beside a jewelry seller, across from another jewelry seller, and Tupperware got her way. I then got the car stuck trying to get up the hill to our space. I was ready to just go home and write off the whole damn day. But we pressed on. Unloading the car and walking all five tubs AND the tent up the side of this hill because some asscrack couldn't move their vehicles (while that fat bitch Tupperware stood and watched) As the last tub was hauled out of the car, a big 80's Caddy came belching in and pulled BETWEEN my car and the other car....with about six inches to spare. WHAT THE FUCK! I yelled (classy) The caddy belonged to the king lion of the Lions Club some 86 year old fart who looked like Colonel Sanders.

We're setting up the tent, and Obbie says, "Do you want to go home?" Well hell no at that point, the damn tent was already up. Geez. So we continued setting up. The day wasn't a total loss, we did end up making our expenses back, and actually made some money, but it was damn hard.
My mother showed up at 2:45 with her old lady posse and wanted to hang and chat, but we were trying like hell to get out of there. I did sell a couple necklaces, and Obbie sold a bunch of rocks, but again, it was the hard way to make money.

Afterwards, we went to my best buddy from high school, and had dinner and talked shit for hours. Then I drove home (Obbie went to sleep as soon as I pulled onto 81) We got home about midnight, whereupon I crashed hard until the next day.

We went to an auction in Maryland and bought a whole bunch of assorted rocks. I spent more money than I should have, but that's auctions for you. I have no self control....

So it's back to work today. The PA in my office is out all week, so I'm all things to all people. One day of it, and I'm sick to death of it already. It's going to be a long week. Then Saturday, another show, this time in town, it'll take a hot 5 minutes to get there, and Sunday another show, at the other end of town, it'll take a hot 8 minutes to get there. So I'm allegedly making stuff right now. Or not. Wasting time again is more like it. I'm crabby and bloaty and feeling rather crappy, so I'm NOT making stuff tonight. I'll start again tomorrow.

Peas out.

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