Monday, June 22, 2009

We're back from the beach.


The mornings were clear, but within an hour or so, it'd cloud up and rain. Screw that. It wasn't worth staying there one more day in the rain. The beaches were deserted because of the wind and rain.

We spent Saturday bar hopping, but that became old fast too. So here we are.

Friday was beautiful, of course. We went into Rehoboth and had dinner at Dogfish Head Brewery. I had a very good grilled tuna ceasar salad, and Obbie had a grilled salmon ceasar. The food made us happy. Too bad freaking yuppies don't know how to keep their kids in line. We had one crew behind us, with two smaller kids and a baby. Mommy and Daddy remained blissfully unaware while their kids jumped up and down in the booth. The folks behind Obbie had two small boys, who also spent the evening jumping up and down. Or running around the restaurant, while Mommy was glued to her I-phone and Daddy kept saying, "Now Cody don't do that." Blah. I think a letter should be sent to Dogfish Head suggesting that a cage should be installed in one corner of the restaurant so asshole parents and their raving kids can eat and not bother the rest of the guests.

Then we walked around town, had an ice cream cone and shopped a little. We went back to camp and decided that we'll just stay out of town from now on, away from the hoardes.

That decision was short lived, for on Saturday morning, after visiting the ever fantastic Lewes Farmers Market, we went back into town, and I reserved the room for Mom & I for the September vacation. She, of course, was as ungrateful as ever, and I didn't even get a thank you. I got a snotty comment about "Not knowing about reality" Excuse me, I'm more reality based than most people. And the more I think about it, the more annoyed I get. That's all I'm going to say about that, because I'm really irritated about the whole thing. Anyway. While we were there, it started POURING, and that was that. No beach on Saturday.

We went to the Pickled Pig Pub, and had great Bloody Marys, fish tacos and steamed mussels. After that, we went next door, where I bought some butt ugly Birkenstocks, which were clearance shoes, and cannot be returned. But, OMG are they ugly. Not to self, don't shop after two bloody marys. We went to a locals bar after that, and I had one beer and two seltzers. Obbie had a couple beers and handled over the car keys to me. We went back to camp, where, yes, it was raining again. The chairs had big pools of water in them, so with nothing else to do, I took to the tent for a nap. Obbie joined me later. And this was how the rest of the evening went.

Sunday we go up and it was beautiful, but then the clouds and rain and wind rolled in. We went to the beach to see what was up, and it was even colder and windier down there. The executive decision was made to come home. So we did. By way of Philadelphia. We visited LUSH only to find out that they're discontinuing our favorite shampoo bar, so we bought six of them. We then went to Marra's pizza on E. Passyunk Avenue, since 1927. Great pizza! Wood fired oven, crunchy crust...oh man! It's great. I highly recommend it. I can't wait until we go again!

So today I'm home. I was going in to work, but I think I'd rather stay home. Obbie's off too, so we're going to have coffee and pizza, and decide what's going to happen today.

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