Tuesday, May 12, 2009

I'm cold. And bored. And not remotely interested in any of the projects I should be doing. All day I wish I was home, so I can do stuff, then I get here, and it's blaaaah....I don't wanna do anything.

Which is rather annoying.

Speaking of annoying, this old movie, "Tortilla Flats" is on. And it's really bloody annoying. But certain people are enjoying watching it, so until I go upstairs, I'm stuck with it. A really dumb plot and even worse accents. Steinbeck or not, I just don't like it.

The show last weekend in Hometown USA was pretty good. We sold lots of inexpensive stuff, which is good for the boof. This weekend is the Wine Festival in Front Royal, VA. Last year we had a good time, even though we were way off the beaten path. I believe the space we have this year is pretty good, in 'traffic', so I'm anticipating a fun day with lots of sales. I hope so, there's a hotel room to pay for and gas, plus a rather salty booth fee. But as I've said many times, craft shows are like gambling, sometimes you win, sometimes you don't. But playing is the fun part.

I have a plan for this one, so we'll see if it works. My market research indicates that people are spending money at craft shows. But not BIG money. They still want to purchase something, but they're not purchasing big ticket things. So, I shall entice them with reasonably priced, unique items. There's a method to the madness. At least I think so.

Speaking of spending money, the refrigerator decided it does not want to keep things frozen any more. The fridge part is cool, not cold. The freezer is cold, not freezing. So the repairman will be coming by tomorrow to see what is the matter with it. I'm afraid what it may be. Obbie will be here to greet him, and find out what the matter is. Let's hope it's a part and not a fridge. Not only the whole money aspect of buying a new one, but the whole hassle of getting rid of the old one, and getting the new one in. Not that I'd buy a brand new one, mind you, but the hassle remains. Again. Stay tuned.

So I joined Twitter, and started following different people I 'know'. Actually I joined to get all the Dead updates while they were East Coast touring, but now that they've moved on, I'm not finding many reasons to keep Tweets coming in on my phone. Facebook will have to do for 'microblogging' (another term I don't much care for.)

And with that, I'm going to bed. I'm cold.

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