Sunday, April 05, 2009

We had a little craft show thing on Saturday. Little - meaning 200 vendors and about 5,000 peeps.

We've done that show before, with little success. This time the space was better, and people actually knew we were there (imagine!!) The day was far, far better than the last time, and not only did we make a little money, we had some fun too.

Our neighbor was a doggie biscuit lady, but her doggy stuff was cool...petit fours, cupcakes, 'brownies' and bone shaped cookies-nice things that actually had personality! She was fun too, she got into baking dog treats because she's good at baking, but didn't want to jump thru the hoops that the gubbmint insists upon if you're feeding people (unless you're making baby formula in China or peanut butter...) She was very much enjoying herself, and it showed in her products. People really loved her stuff too, and she pretty much sold everything by the end of the day. Good for her!

The next stop on the Spring tour is in May at the Hometown. I'm wracking my brain to come up with something different from what we sell at the Fall Festival. The space is only 20 bucks, and twice as big. We're probably selling plants too, but not entirely. We'll see. I have three weeks to procrastinate it and a week to panic. Let's not get panicky too early, shall we?

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