Thursday, April 30, 2009

Pardon while I get a little ranty.

I tried to get a friend to go with Obbie & I to Philly this weekend. It was all a big GO until her ex husband (who for some reason hangs out more now than he did when they were married) said some shitty thing about 'jerry being dead' and guess what? That was that. Now, my ''friend" has come up with three different ways to say, "No, I am not interested in going" without actually using the word NO.

Which leads me to her (and my) problem. If you don't want to, just tell me no. Don't use some bullshit excuse that you don't have any money (because I offered to pay for EVERYTHING as a birthday gift) or that you have a BIG EVENT at work next week, and need to work really hard to get ready for the event. (Guess what, I have two craft shows in next two consecutive weekends, AND I'm doing my day job too. Cry me a river about being busy with "a" big event.)


I am a big girl, and if you say "NO" then no it is. But be a fucking adult and just say the word. Don't use your passive aggressive bullshit with me. "NO" is a complete sentence. This fucking mealy mouthed shit annoys me HIGHLY. And also, do not log into Facebook and make the only entry in WEEKS saying some shit about 'being responsible isn't fun'. I know smoke and mirrors when I see it.

The reason I told you at the beginning of the week that this offer was good until Midnight on April 30th? Because I knew you'd punk out. I knew you would. Because you've done it to me in the past. I will not be inviting you to anything ever again. I will not invite you to visit us at craft shows, so you don't have to ever make up another bullshit excuse (I forgot) I will not invite you to the shore (sure, you didn't know your car was out of inspection until the day of the trip) and I will no longer invite you to meet us somewhere for drinks. Be miserable. Sit in your house and bemoan your fates to the universe. It's not my problem anymore, 'friend'. You can't be straight with me because you can't be straight with anyone......not even yourself. And THAT, I cannot help.

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