Monday, March 30, 2009

You say you're supposed to post to a blog daily? Or at the very least weekly?
Oh. Sorry 'bout that.

There really hasn't been much to report. Craft show season started last weekend. It sucked, but we knew it would going into it. The church show, we love the folks there, and the food is good, but they don't buy anything (but dog biscuits) which is okay. We did manage to make booth back, which is always a plus, I guess.

I'm supposed to be making some new good stuff for the show this weekend, alas, I'm not being very good at that right now. But the cat litter is clean. Yay me.


Groundhog sitting in my garden when I got home tonight. Fucker. Guess the porch guy didn't seal up the burrow, like he said he did. This year I might just shoot it. I'll probably feel bad, but let's see how much garden he decides he's going to eat. THEN I'll shoot him.

Again, eh. See? Told you I have nothing to report.

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