Sunday, March 01, 2009

Yesterday's beadworld cleaning led to cleaning out some of the kitchen cabinets. How many lids without bottoms or bottoms without lids does any person need? That little tirade resulted in a full recycling bin, AND a full trash bag. Take that. Now both crockpots, the foreman grill, three casserole dishes and all the metal bowls fit in the cupboards. I got to fold up and put away the Gawdawful stepstool that was in Obbie's apartment, and is gross as hell. (it's handy to get to things on the top shelf, but if it's up all the time, it becomes a collection zone)

Today I put all the metal beads and clasps in the little snap top containers that Obbie got me for Christmas two years ago. I'm still sorting but doing it in my poky little way.

I hear the rest of the East Coast is getting snow. We are not. The sky looks like it could snow, but we're not getting anything. Overnight we got about an inch (OHMYGODANINCHOFSNOW) which wasn't even shovel-worthy.

We watched The Dark Knight again last night, and Obbie was less than impressed. He slept thru most of it, and didn't understand it. Okay, whatever. I liked it and that's what matters.

I just came back from the Dollar Store. I forgot about all the crafty stuff they have there. I got glue sticks (because I can't find the one I thought I had) some cool glass things that look like ice cubes, but they're for plants. They scream "Make something with me!" and more flat glass marbles. I love the Dollar Store for stuff like that.

And that's that. This weekend I've seen the commerical for T-Mobile and phone calling butt many times, but it amuses me. But none of the hateful McDonalds talking Filet-O-Fish sandwich commericals. I really hate that one. And it sticks in my head. Bah!!

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