Saturday, March 14, 2009

Twas a nice Saturday. (yeah,I'll say Twas but not teh, go figure) We went to the farmers/flea market and found some guy selling books for fifty cents, had some good coffee, watched some equipment auction, wandered aimlessly, and oh, I ate a piece of chocolate covered bacon. I won't have to do that again. But at least I can say I tried it.

Then we went to a local gallery and wandered around that, and I met some neat bead ladies, and bought a couple beadies from them. And spent too much money, but it's art. Later we went to the Big K for new mini blinds (four dollars each is better than cleaning the ones I have) and stopped at the new bead store that opened without telling anyone earlier in the week. With their prices, I wouldn't tell anyone I'm open either. It's a nice store though, they've done a lot of work to make it purdy.

Now we're deciding what we'd like to do. Since C-lisle is a cultural wasteland for music, we're stuck for local ideas, for now.

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