Wednesday, March 11, 2009


So I've been seeing "Teh" around a lot lately on the interwebs. At first I thought it was a typo, then maybe lots of dyslexic folks post online. But it became apparent that it was not a typo. So I went to the handy Wikipedia to see if they could shed light on the subject. Or Teh subject.


".....In English, the can be used as an intensifier for the superlative form of adjectives; compare "that is best" and "that is the best". Teh has a similar use as an intensifier for unmodified adjectives, generally marking a sarcastic tone. For example, "that is teh lame" translates as "that is the lamest". This is similar to the use of the definite article el in Spanish. For example, "Soy el mejor" (I am the best) and "I am teh good". This contrasts with the use of the in English to construct mass nouns (substantives) from adjectives, as in "blessed are the meek", where the meek denotes a class of people who are meek. On the other hand, "blessed are teh humble" would refer to an intensified group or individual who is "the most humble"......"

Well. Who knew? I believe, however, that I'm not teh fond of this. I spent far too many nights with my Mom and flashcards to learn to spell the the proper way. My dyslexia got in the way of simple shit like THE and GIRL. Why? Who knows. Anyway, I think I won't be using it in everyday conversation.

I should go, the litter boxes are teh stinky.

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