Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Like the new fish? I found them today, and thought they'd liven up the place a little bit. If you want them for your blog, just click on them, they'll take you there.

On Sunday, I tried to change the template, but every time I tried to view it, there was a blank space with a couple letters. Uh no. Made me nervous. So it's back to the drawing board again later. I'm throughly sick of this template, and I have found numerous places for new ones, it's just finding the right one.

I woke up very creative this morning. Lots of ideas went into my little book, and while driving into work, I was scribbling notes in the notebook in the car. I stopped at the craft store tonight on the way home, and bought a couple things for the ideas. Those damn glass ice cubes are killing me. I found tonight that they MAGNIFY whatever you put behind them. Hmmmm. The soldered pendant class I took (from my Aunt) last month has really helped, but I'm having a hellish time getting the jump ring soldered properly on top of the pendant. Right now there are 8 pendants with no way to connect them to anything because I'm lacking that one basic skill. It's VERY irritating. I'll keep trying though. It's only solder, a hot iron, and a damn ring for goodness sakes. It shouldn't be giving me such fits.

Don't tell the boss, but I almost turned around and came home this morning. I was feeling that creative. I just didn't want to waste all that juice sitting in the office typing and making files. Alas, this girl isn't dumb like she used to be, so I went to work. Mind you, I do have a piece of paper with doodles of what I want to make....What can I say?

With that, I have to go break up a cat squabble.

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