Wednesday, February 11, 2009

I've been throwing things out.

Yes, me. The queen Packrat. It's kind of liberating. I have accumulated so much stuff here since Obbie moved in (I'll blame him) and I just have no space. It's a sobering thought not to have any more space in an eight room farmhouse.

So I'm giving away a massive amount of books to the library. Mom and I buy at least four books a year when we go to the beach. Thats not mentioning all the other books I've gotten during the rest of the year. Some are worth keeping to read again, or for reference, most are not. So they're going to the library for their book sale. Last month we took an overflowing box to them, and this month we'll do the same. It makes me feel good to give them to someone who might put them to good use AND NOT THROW THEM IN THE TRASH. (trashing books...the HORROR)

Monday, I cleaned out the shelves (I could reach) in the bathroom. Another fine feature of this old house is the built in shelves in the bath. They go clear up to the ceiling, and are quite deep. One shelf is all towels, nicely folded and stacked, one shelf is Obbie's stuff, one is cleaning supplies, and the other two are full of 'sundries'. Which have gotten out of control. Eight year old bottles of lotion (trash) half full travel size bottles of shampoo and lotion, you know, that kind of thing. Trash a roonie, baby. Also stinky bath gifts that I have never used and never will. (It amuses me that when people don't know what else to get as a gift, they give the gift of bath products) and for the record, most of the commerically available gifty bath products make me itch.
So there. It's trash.

Every day this week, I'm throwing out one more bag of stuff from one more room. Could be a full size trash bag, or it could be a plastic grocery sack, but whatever the vessel, it's containing something that I haven't used, apparently don't need, and certainly do not want. Begone with the clutter.

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