Saturday, February 28, 2009

I finally watched The Dark Knight last night. Oh, it was dark to say the least, but I very much enjoyed it. Yes, Heath Ledger was pretty awesome. I was concerned I'd be missing something by not seeing the previous Batman, but happily, it was just fine. Target has it on sale for ten bucks, so I might have to trekking down there later and get a copy. Just because.

In other news, I'm in the process of cleaning out Beadworld I. HOLE-LEE CRAP. I forgot I bought most of this stuff. Which is kind of shameful, considering the amount of beads I've found. And we won't even get into the whole 'inventory' end of it. No comment there. But it's like Christmas all over again. Last summer I bought this drawer thing which is metal pipes and colored plastic drawers. Beads are in the drawers that closest match their color. Blue, purple, red, orange and green. So I've been just chucking the bead strands into the drawers. I do have a whole different area for metal beads, it used to be a small cigar box (I like cigar boxes) but the metal bead accumulation has outgrown that, and will be transferred to something bigger. And this is just Beadworld I. Beadworld II is the rest of the living room, which is my workbench, and the coffee table. There is a lot of freakin' stuff. Add to that, two four drawer rubbermaid cabinets full of stuff, two plastic tubs of stuff, and various and sundry shoeboxes full of stuff.

With that being said, I could almost made an entire year's worth of stuff without buying a single bead.

'Scoff', yeah like I would do that....HA

Stay tuned. Maybe there will be pictures after the madness is organized.

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