Monday, February 23, 2009

Hello! There's really nothing of note going on right now. At least at this very minute.

My latest complaint is people who wear pajama bottoms and slippers out in the world. How lazy are you that you can't even put on a pair of jeans and sneakers? In a tacky world, that's at the top of my list right now. I don't care how 'cute' the pajamas are, they're still pajamas. They're for lounging around the house or being in bed. It makes it even worse when they LOOK like you've been wearing them for a couple days. Yuck.

The more I see the trend the more I hate it. Bunch of damn slobs.

Get off my lawn you damn kids!!

(and a pox on the new furnace guys (hired by my landlady) who badmouthed the previous furnace guy.. he serviced the furnace for years and it never shut off randomly-this is twice now I've woken to a freezing house, and oil in the tank but no running furnace. What is up with that, douchebags?)

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