Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Umm, Brr

We were going out tonight. "First night Carlisle" They are going to have multiple (alcohol free) venues in town with music, dance, theatre, ice carving, magic, and they're going to drop a car. "Drop a car?" you say.

Oh yes, here in Pennsyltucky, we are fond of dropping all SORTS of things on New Years Eve. Here they are dropping a car (CAR lisle-get it? Town of CAR shows-get it?) In the big city across the river, they're dropping a giant strawberry (I still don't get that), up the road the small town of Mechanicsburg is dropping a wrench (Mechanics-burg-wrench-ha) There's a red rose and a white rose, a giant Hershey Kiss (In Hershey of course) , a big bologna (12 feet long, 150 pounds), a goat (not alive, silly), A giant screw (don't think we haven't had fun making wise about THAT), a cow, a dill pickle (Dillsburg), and a giant spring.

Google it. Seriously. It's all true.

The wind chill is about 5 degrees. All the outside cats were hurling themselves against the doors and howling. Poor babies. They're all inside now, bad manners and all. I've already locked up the catnip so they don't get really radical when we're not here.

We have tickets to go to the big show in town, but the prospect of standing around waiting for a car to drop from a crane loses any appeal it had when it's five degrees. So instead, Obbie and I are going to our friend's house, have some good food (I made a caramel pecan cheesecake) a couple drinks and will be home early.

Whatever you drop, have a good time tonight, and be safe.


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