Saturday, December 27, 2008

And then it was done

Thank goodness. Don't get me wrong, I like Christmas all right. But it's just tiring. All the running and stepping and fetching and stressing is just a little much for me. My mystery ailment has pretty much gone away, for which I'm VERY grateful. The house is just completely hosed. Filthy, full of stuff....wrapping paper, plastic bags, boxes, bit and pieces...just STUFF. Obbie is allegedly cleaning, but he keeps getting distracted by things he's found, and very little cleaning is being done. Of course, I'm not helping much by surfing around, getting caught up on my internet reading.

The cats got me a new, big toolbox for all my chain maille stuff. But I might put beads in it. Beadworld is a whole 'nother mess that's taken over at least half of my living room. When I'm in 'create' mode, I just pull strands, and components and don't put them back. To say it's in disarray would be an understatement. Hosed is probably closer to the truth. Then there's the workbench, which is so full of stuff, there's no place to work. Nobody ever said the creative process was pretty.

So that's what I've got to do today. Rearrange my universe a little bit, so it's not so noisy. Maybe later I'll vacuum. MAYBE.

And the package I sent to Canada, FED EX is not getting there until 12/30. Which really, REALLY pisses me off!! It sat in in the Fed Ex box for TWO DAYS until it was picked up. What the hell?!?!! I guess it was too hard for the Fed Ex person to stop at all the boxes. I'm mad, because I wanted my secret santa to get it sooner than later, which is apparently not going to be the case. Bass turds.

And thanks to Blogger for finally removing that annoying box at the bottom that I had to type and retype the codes to publish. I TOLD you I'm not spam! Not high in intellectual content, but not spam.

I hope everyone's Christmas has been wonderful, enjoy your weekend!

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