Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Happy Turkey

Somewhere I read that Thanksgiving Eve is the biggest pizza delivery night of the whole year. Imagine. I guess since people's kitchens are full of Turkey Day food, nobody wants to cook. I'm not cooking, but I ordered pizza anyway. Obbie and I are off to Big Momma's tomorrow for the Thanksgiving Dinner Without Potatoes and Gravy. They're the enemy you know. No worries though. We're cooking a dinner this weekend, with the free turkey I got from the grocery.

Today wore on very slowly, as the Bosses had to wring every last ounce of work out of us minions. No work on Friday. Not like I'm going shopping or anything, oh hell no.
But it'll be good to sloth around. This weekend will be the first one that I don't have to DO ANYTHING. I do have to make a Christmas present for my online beady Secret Santa, but that's no big deal. The spectre of 24 bracelets, four sets, six epics and two dozen earrings is not looming largely over me, so it's OH KAY.

So what are you guys doing for Thanksgiving? Do you go shopping on Friday? Then what? Tell me of your customs and traditions. I always like hearing about what people do.

Whatever it is that you do, have a safe and Happy Thanksgiving. Think of me when the smashed potatoes and gravy come around.

Oh, and I signed up for Facebook. It's a foreign concept to me, and I still don't have any friends. I just can't stand MySpace. Too sparkly, too weird. But that's just me. Look me up and add me as a friend.

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