Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Forward Motion-Sort Of

Happy Veterans Day to all you veterans. Thank you for your sacrifices for our freedoms. Veterans Day is doubley sad for me, for I think about my Dad more than usual today. There's an ache in my heart that I never thought I'd have.

In other news:

The preparations for the rilly big shew are coming along nicely.

At least in the Display department. Obbie made me a new earring rack AND new signage for the kiddie area. Tonight we went out to THE BIG K, and found two red and one green tablecloth for the booth tables. As if that wasn't good enough, they were ON SALE. If you recall, I gnashed my teeth and grumbled greatly about the last go-round of tablecloth hell back in the Spring. For the Juried Show that wasn't. (Unless the Three Stooges were the jury.) ANYWAY.

I guess it's all up to me now, the Production Department has to kick into full swing now. A lovely earring display is useless without EARRINGS to display. And all the rest.

I have a great idea which involves copper sheet and polymer clay. If anyone knows, please comment...I want to make a very thin sheet of polymer clay, and sandwich it between two pieces of copper, which I'd have to solder together. The copper always gets hot during the process, do you think it'll do something to baked polymer clay?
Thanks for your help. I get too many weird hits when I put that phrase into Mr. Googley, and I honestly don't feel like joining another jewelry making forum for the answer. It's bad enough the beloved one has crashed and burned, and we're left with a smoking crater of NOTHING, which is horrible, because it's been such a great source of information and research for a couple years now.

Stay tuned.

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