Saturday, October 18, 2008


Oh my I'm tired. And cold to the bone.

Another show today, and the weatherman lied. Mid sixties? I think not. Mid fifties more like it. Brrr.

Oh the upside, we were crazy busy.

The purple ice necklace..sold. The Kermit necklace...sold. Black & Red chain maille bracelet...sold..earrings..sold...bracelets...sold...even the Elephant Jasper set is GONE.

Multiple repeat customers too. That's always exciting. "I bought something here last year! You have such interesting jewelry!" Nice. I love that.

Guess if there's a show next week, I better get moving. The boof is bare. GOOD. Maybe I'll use as my excuse to get out of the show I don't want to do next week. We'll see how I feel later in the week.

But I have to get warmed up first. I have feeling I'm going to bed very early tonight.

We went to the Greek Festival at the Orthodox Church tonight. They usually have it in the Spring, so it was a thrill to get real GOOD Greek food now. Obbie won dinner tickets, so he got to have his lamb shank (ick) and I had Greek Chicken. And baklava for dessert. Of course.

I keep smelling Sharpie, and I do not know why. All mine are put away, and I can't remember using them lately. Maybe the cats are tapping in to their inner creative beings while I'm out.

OH!! The title of worse thing I had seen at a craft show has been held by wax dipped stuffed animals for a long time. No longer. The wax dipped stuffed animals have lost their Worst Ever title. The new champion? Wax dipped toilet paper rolls. With pine cones and cinnamon sticks affixed to them. USE FOR AN AIR FRESHENER. Of course there was lots of snarking. I told Obbie I'd get him some for Christmas. Too bad the ladies who were selling them were kind of annoyed at the end of the day, or I would have taken pictures.

Okay, this Sharpie smell is really bugging me. I better go find it.

And then go to bed. Yeah so what that it's 7:45??

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