Friday, October 17, 2008

A Little Chilly on the Willy

If I had a Willy that is.

It's a tad brisk here this morning. A far cry from the balmy upper 70's that the temp had been for days. I'm afraid perhaps the summer (Indian and otherwise) is now officially gone, and we're heading into the cold, bleak days of winter. I hate me some winter.

I will console myself with thoughts of much creativity and forward motion over the coming months. The encounter with the copycat lady last week has caused me to do some thinking. Thinking about what I'm actually trying to accomplish here. Thinking about moving up in the world of art and craft, and what exactly I'm going to do with it. I would like to take it to the next level, but I don't really want to be another face in the jewelry crowd at shows. That means the creative juices have to flow, and the whole process needs to be kicked up a notch. The idiot voice in my head says, "Hah, yeah right, you'll never make it with the big dogs. You're better off sticking to the crafty shows where booth fees are cheap, and you get set up next to the plastic canvas cross stitch people. At least you can sell rocks and kid necklaces to the younger set, and you'll make your expenses back."

As you can see, it'll be kind of noisy in my head for awhile. Meanwhile the silver price is diving, I should strike while the iron is hot, and buy up some sheet and wire and good things. Invest the kid necklace/rock money into something worthwhile.

In other news, I bought a cute little rice cooker at Target the other night. It's a Rival, red in color, and makes six cups of rice. You say, "A rice cooker? What the hell?! You cook all this stuff and you buy a rice cooker?!!" It's like this peeps, I can't cook rice to save my life. So I've been forced to make instant brown rice for years now. Which isn't bad, but it's not nearly as good a nice 'real' brown rice. I tested the little Red Rival out last night, and I'm happy to report that it cooks rice very well. Perfect brown basmati! I'm quite pleased, and if the thing lasts a year or so, I'll have gotten my 12.99 worth out of it. (A number of consumer reports on Amazon say while they love their Red Rival, it craps out after awhile, so we'll see)

And that's all. I'm off to research this charley horse in my red leg. It woke me up last night, and is very tight this morning. Besides bananas, I guess I need more potassium in my diet. I'm not wild about bananas. Ick.


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