Monday, October 27, 2008

The Last One in the Series

Sometimes I wonder why I do what I do for fun.

This weekend was not a total bust. But it could have been. At least we made booth on day one, and day two was 'gravy'. Not thick, rich yummy gravy, but watery thin gravy. S'okay. Some people didn't sell anything.

The most trying part of the weekend (besides trying to keep Joe from sleeping in the chair) was the two lovely ladies down from us. I know them, and they MAKE JEWELRY TOO. (as does everyone and their dog it seems) Anyway. They spent the whole weekend trotting back and forth between our booths asking if we sold anything. This annoys me because it's nobody's damn business WHAT we sold or what we made.

Alas. The situation lends itself to some exaggeration sometimes. So Obbie exaggerated.

Then there was the financial advisor guy next to us. With the personality of a carp, and the people skills of an iron skillet. Cutting up egg cartons with scissors to make 'planes' for the kiddies while he tried to talk their parents about 401Ks and investments. The planes didn't fly, and neither did his pitch.

There were clowns too. And you know how I like clowns. I tried to keep Obbie between them and me at all times. And the dance school selling udder cream. (Teat for Tap, you know) This was the Fellini Craft Show. Seriously.

Three weeks off, then the big one. I can flip out about that closer to the date. I have a To Do List, and I plan on ticking things off the list as I go along. But there will be crisis. There always is. We have to find new tablecloths (Christmas colors) fix the rock mats (glue baby glue) conjure up a new earring display, and oh yeah, make stuff. Ahhh.

We're going to Philly for some culture (and smoked Provolone, AND a Nicks Roast Beef) this weekend. If there's any Philly left after they win the Series tonight.

Carry on.


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