Tuesday, October 28, 2008

It was a dark & stormy night

And the house is full of cats.

Ten cats are now in my house.

Why yes, I'm quite insane.

They were cold, and it's windy and wet. They'll go back out later. It's not like they're staying.

But they're having fun with all the cat toys, and are currently running up and down the stairs. I guess there are no flights of stairs out in the wild.

Fraidy won't come into the living room, for the TV has alarmed her greatly. Mrs. Cat (The mother) is curled up in a little ball sleeping on the couch. Mrs. Brown and Mr. White are out in the kitchen making sure there isn't any stray cat chow, and Grunt is waiting for me to move so he can sit on my shoulder and watch me type.

Yes, I've named them. So?? Sheesh.


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