Thursday, October 30, 2008


I'm drawing a blank here. Let me just riff a little.

It's a little warmer tonight, and MUCH quieter. The five visiting heathens are back outside. Actually, it's only four, since Grunt most likely will be totally an inside cat. He's so small, so I worry more about him than the others. He's pretty fearless though.

We're going to Philly on Saturday. We made the hotel reservation before the Phillies were even in the playoffs. It's nice to know that all Philly fans are NOT window smashing, car toppling, drunken hooligans. (Unlike the student Penn State fans in State College. Sorry, did I say student? I meant STUP-ENTS) I would like some clarification why joy and pride in your team and city means tearing the place apart. And no, I'm not just bashing Philly, I watch the same news you do, there's always some kind of alcohol fueled sports induced riot SOMEWHERE. I just don't get it.

I like Philadelphia. I would not want to live there, but I like it. I have fond memories of the week long Grateful Dead shows at the Spectrum. Something supremely weird always happened when I was at the Spectrum. I'm sure there are several dozen stories about Dead Show shenanigans. I think I only remember about half of them. The biggest crowd I was ever in-Bob Dylan and the Dead at JFK Stadium on July 7, 1989, somehow I was on the very topmost row of seats with a bunch of other nuts. We just sat and watched the people and the colors (ooh lookit the colors) swirling around below us. Phil opened the second set with Box of Rain, and the whole freakin' place lost their collective shit.

Heh. Sorry. I went away for awhile.

The Philly trip is in celebration of finishing out the brutal 6 shows in 6 weeks program. There is one more show, but that's three weeks out. Poo. I don't have to start really freaking out about that for a week or two yet. Give me credit though, I am making my lists to orchestrate a full on meltdown. I'll have a plan to follow. Give the Day Job kudos for at least instilling in me the need for A WRITTEN PLAN. (And phone notes)

It seems the trip is revolving around food, as we are talking about going to Reading Terminal Market, The Italian Market, Penzey's Spices, Trader Joes, and Nick's for a roast beef sandwich. There's also a bead show near the hotel where we're staying, but when I mentioned it to Obbie he made a face. I guess we won't make that one. I suppose I'll survive.

I love it when I start out with a blank screen, and as I plod along a semi coherent post comes together. Yay semi-coherent! Now I must go do the dishes.

Carry on


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