Friday, September 05, 2008


Did I NOT say earlier this morning, "Do you have any idea how much shit can go horribly awry in an 8 hour workday?"

My front passenger side wheel BROKE off the car this morning.

Not totally off. But busted. At an odd angle. And thus took along the plastic wheel well, and knocked the quarter panel all off kilter AND the front bumper.

Yeah, yeah, kids. Horribly awry.

I had just put 40 bucks worth of gas in the car, and I pulled out of the truckstop. Cruised up to the stoplight, and pulled a U-turn to go back towards work. There was a horrific crunching noise, then squealing, more crunching as I got off to the side of the road.

I was on the phone with AAA before I got out of the car. Then I called Obbie. Then I called the garage. Obbie arrived shortly and said, "Oh wow, shit" an hour later, the towtruck driver arrived. He said, "Oh wow, shit" and struggled to get the car on the rollback. Nada. HE called another towtruck driver. HE showed up and said, "Oh shit" and proceeded to jack the poor old Volvo around a whole bunch before TYING the tire to the SIDE MIRROR with a tow strap. Whereupon, Amy the Mouth said, "You gotta be shitting me" and he gave me the look. I shut up. Let the man do his job.

After it was on the rollback and went away, I headed off to work, and called the garage, guess what they said? You got it. "Oh Wow Shit!" I started shopping for a new Volvo.

Long story bearable, the verdict is: The ball joint froze during the U-turn, and in continuing the turn, sheared off the bolts holding it to the wheel. It's all better now, but it can sit til I get back from the beach. It needs inspected so I told the garage to do their thing, and I'll see them later.

Maybe not horribly awry, but just awry enough to skew my schedule. Yes, I know, if I was traveling at a high rate of speed, I could have been really messed up. I've already heard that from the Mom Unit.

But I did get everthing done on my list at more. HA

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