Monday, September 01, 2008

Laboring on Labor Day

Or not so much.

I hammered out a couple pendants this morning. They're not right nor ready for human consumption yet. Stay tuned.

I did the dishes.

A load of laundry.

And went shopping.

Shopping at fucking Walmart. I need proper fat shorts for my fat ass for the shore trip next week. Where would you go for fat ass shorts? (I tried Lane Bryant, and ran screaming into the parking lot) I swung by Best Buy. Because they had a cute little photo printer on sale for $70. Nice. And I needed a wireless thingy. For the beach. Because I don't have dial up anymore. And the hotel has free wi-fi.

And I can honestly say that this Best Buy experience was BY FAR superior to the Best Buy experiences of yore. Now if I can make the wi fi work without having an aneurysm, and if Obbie and I decide we can make the most of the $70 Canon photo printer, we'll call the Best Buy trip a success. The last BB experience was prior to being a blogger, so you didn't get the gory details. I bought a cheap computer, and cheap computers are shit. (eMACHINES YOU SUCK) And Beast Buy was the 'closest' repair 'agent' for the POS eMachine. Meaning they accepted it at their store and sent it to BALTIMORE to be fixed. Long story short, it took a long fucking time to fix, they were stupid, and I was the customer from hell.

Stay tuned.


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