Tuesday, September 16, 2008

I Scream!

So what else is new, right?

Nay, nay....I scream = ICE CREAM.

There's good ice cream, and then there's GREAT ice cream.

Great ice cream comes from The Berkey Creamery at Penn State.

Yes, THE Penn State, in State College, PA. They've had a creamery program on campus for years and years.

Lots of famous folk have taken the course, most notably, Ben & Jerry.

Obbie had a conference in State College today, and because he's a dear, he brought back a half gallon of Peachy Paterno AND a half gallon of Death By Chocolate.

They're a class operation up there. The ice cream was packaged nicely in a cold pack with dry ice to keep it happy on it's ride South.

Of course, we're playing with the dry ice now, making a bubbling witches cauldron out of my crab pot. Children must play.

I don't own any PSU merchandise. And don't plan to. However, I do know good ice cream when I taste it, so I'll just be a PSU Creamery fan. Check them out:


And it's all available online.

Hah. Who knew?


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