Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Cranky in my Pants

I got up this morning in an okay mood. But by the time I landed at the day job, I was highly annoyed. Nothing really sparked this, but I was rancid by the time I got there.

Tell me this....why would someone stand in front of a fat person (me) and go on and on at length why they HATE flying because they always get stuck between some stinky person or some fat person? And by on and on, I mean FAT PERSON (or PEOPLE) was mentioned loudly and scornfully several times. I don't ask for any special things because I've eaten myself into a blob like condition (oddly the blood pressure, heart rate and other things seem to be fine) and I'm not a militant fat person (PERSON OF SIZE!!) but damn. I wonder if they'd rant and rave about retards in front of a mentally retarded person?

Anyway, rant over. Some would spin this by saying, "That person doesen't think of you as a fat person, that's why they felt comfortable talking about that." Uh huh. I'm not inclined to accept that, but that's just me. (A week with my mom, shopping for clothes and having every morsel of food noted and commented upon makes one very highly aware of their largeness.)

If I wanted to, I could rant about two faced people as well, but I've been beating my head against that wall for years, and it's not going to change any time soon. When I have a true friend (YES...A TRUE FRIEND) I don't talk about them behind their backs. I believe that friends accept each other, and their differences, and that's why they are friends. Alas, some people feel they can talk shit about their 'friends' but are astonished when the tables are turned on them. Well, DUH. And this rant isn't even about that, it's just about people who smile to your face, but fifteen minutes later, are talking about you to their other 'real friends' and you realize they're just on a fact finding mission when they're talking to you.

Sounds like I have some issues, doesn't it? I sure do. I'm just really getting sick of a lot of shit that's swirling around me lately. It's really no different than earlier swirling shit, but I guess my armor kind of softened while I was lolling around at the beach.

Sucks to be me, but in reality, I'm a lucky duck. I'm more worried about the folks in Texas who have friends, no family, no house, no work, no car, no stuff, no thing. I'm just surrounded by cretins. I have a comfortable world otherwise.

It can always be worse.


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