Sunday, August 31, 2008

Who Cares?

So today, one day into my next year on earth, I had a revelation.

But first, a background.

I am obsessed with trying to live up to what people think.

And it sucks. I know this.

I've been doing this forever. From before my senior year in high school, where I sewed alligators on my JCPenny polo shirts to be 'in' (the alligators came off SOCKS my Mom bought at the outlet store) I wanted to be in with the cool kids SO bad. But despite my efforts, never. Always outside looking in, for whatever reason.

So now it's like that with my jewelry. So now, I'm trying to be a cool kid with my creations.

Today I decided, "Fuck it" and I'm going to make what I make. I don't give a rats ass if anyone likes it or not. Fuggem.

So there, if being alive for 44 years has taught me anything, it's to be true to what I do, and that I shouldn't give a crap if I meet anyone's standards or not.


"Love Letter" This one's been gifted as a Love Gift to a good friend. But I can make a similar one just for you. Email me.


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