Sunday, August 03, 2008


Roadtrip, eh? Where'd we go?

Think triangle.

Think noise.

Think beer.

Quit thinking & check it out:

Tony's car from pit row before the Pocono 500 today. Dumbass forgot her camera, so I could only take snaps from the cell phone. We had Penthouse tickets, and were RIGHT BEHIND PIT ROW. Like, right at the fenceline of the pits. Having conversations with the pit guys, and watching what goes on behind the scenes. Pretty damn cool. Having the 'special' tickets gave us a/c, free drinks and free food all day too, which was cool, but that was not nearly as cool as watching the gasmen, tire changers, and general pit-ness going on in front of us. Then there's the whole field coming up to speed not more than 40 feet in front of my nose. Oh. My. God. THAT'S what turns people into NASCAR freaks. (Note on freaks, the people who are sitting in lawn chairs at 9:00 at night along 81 South waiting to see the haulers......that's a whole 'nother kind of freak. The kind I won't ever be) I was quite surprised at the number of non-NASCAR staff traipsing up and down the pits during the race. I just assumed that they'd clear the area once the race started. It's a very busy place, and I'd be afraid to be under foot, so I don't know if I want a hot pass to get me in there, but maybe one time it'd be kind of cool. Then there's the track whores, it must be a given that if you're skinny, blonde and mammary-enhanced you get to hang around and decorate the pits. The ones we were observing, didn't seem to be very interested in racing, but they were plenty interested in the mens. Oh well. There are groupies in every high-profile arena I suppose.
I lost my sunglasses and have sunburned lips, but it's all good. The sunnies were dollar store (which is why I buy sunglasses there) and Burt's Bees will take care of my sunburned lips. No problem. We had a great day, and I'm very grateful for the tickets & the opportunity given to us. When are we going again??


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