Sunday, August 17, 2008

Rock On

Turns out the Krafting didn't really go as planned.

Turns out that gluing rocks on picture frames is boring as fuck, and not really as easy as you'd think. Nay, nay. They all have to fit a certain way, you see. (At least for me, the Virgo child, who as I age, I get more and more anal about things being done JUST SO.) Anyway, I have one partially finished rock frame. I've been a little busy you see.

I took off from the Day Job on Friday. Under the premise of getting stuff done. The only thing that got done was spending my rent on beads and rocks at the gem show. We bought a ten pound sack of tumbled stones. Yep. A bag of rocks. Let me tell you, peeps, ten pounds is a helluva lot of rocks.


People are drawn to rocks. We noticed this a couple years back, when we started using the famous rock mats on our display. We bought a small box of rocks for one of Obbie's brilliant displays, and people would move the merchandise out of the way to pick around in the stones.
"How much for one of these rocks?" We gave away so many rocks that day. It was bizarre. We kept giving each other that WTF?? look.

This year the wholesale rock man was back at the gem show, and was selling bags of rocks. Oh why the hell not, we said. We'll use them in the display, and if someone wants some, we can just give them a few.

Why not indeed. Silly humans.

On Saturday morning, while we were setting up the booth, a guy in a wheelchair showed up and admired the rock mats. He told us he couldn't find rocks without holes in them. "All I can find is beads" he said. Obbie and I looked at each other. I pulled the bag out of the trunk of the 'wagon, "Are these what you're looking for?" The guy almost fell out of his wheelchair. "WOW!!" So Obbie poured half the bag into a basket, and the nice man spent 45 minutes picking thru the basket, finding just the right ones. He wanted to give us money, but we waved it off. "Just take them and let me know what you do with them." He was so excited! "I"ll get in contact with you and tell you what you've done for me by giving me these!" Alrighty then. That made me grin.

"You know" Obbie said, "I bet we could sell some" So he set off to find a spoon. He found a nice tarnished old silver plated spoon at the 'antique' (junkque) guy across the way. He made a sign, "Polished Gemstones-$1.00 a spoonful"

It was the hit of our booth. The best guy (after our first dude) was a grandfather, who told us about his grandson who always found rocks and gave them to him saying, "Grandpa this is your lucky rock for the day" So when he saw this basket of rocks, he was THRILLED, and picked thru them very carefully until he had just the right ones to give his grandson. He only picked about 8, and I was going to give them to him, but he insisted on giving me a dollar. I took it, but gave him one of the great velour bags in which to give the special rocks a nice home. Again, THRILLED. Meanwhile his wife bought a bracelet, and took a card because they'll look for us at the fall street fair.

So yeah. I'm an artist and I sell rocks to the peeps.


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