Friday, August 22, 2008

Friday Randumb

I'm doing research for some shows in Cape May, NJ in November. I'm also making earrings (can't you tell?) I'm also sanding copper discs for the next copper adventure.

The Day Job eats my brain. But I get a paycheck every two weeks. And that, my friends, is very important to the un-starving starving artist. Anyway, if I did this jewelry thing full time, I'd probably grow to hate it.

We were talking today about kids growing up and moving out. Someone said about how they don't push their kids, and they haven't pressured them to make their college course choices. I pondered that, and what happened in my own life.

When I got accepted in 'college' (meaning local business school) I was told I was going into the travel & tourism curriculum, NOT broadcasting. That curriculum entailed lots and lots of the classes which Virgo Child had aced as a Senior in high school. So she was bored. And forced to wear polyester uniforms. The Virgo Child got pissed, and spent the next 12 weeks drinking like a fish, smoking anything remotely combustible, and screwing anything that gave her a second look. Charming. The Virgo Child promptly flunked out of 'college' and never returned. She did, however, return to the House of Mother, in the Olde Hometowne, and proceeded to carry on her winning ways of the previous several months. All was not well in the House of Mother, and the Queen Ruler of the H of M, threw the Virgo Child out. The Virgo Child slept on the couches of friends for about a week until the Grandmother took pity on the VC, and called her father. Who came back to the Olde Hometowne, and much to the chagrin of The Queen Ruler took the VC back to his house. After two weeks of the VC laying around watching MTV, the Father made her get a job, any job, which she did. That job led to a 'real' job. And so on. Alas, the Virgo Child never went back to school, and more than one person has mentioned to the VC that she needs more schooling. VC agrees, but the stank of that failure of 20 odd years ago haunts the VC and freezes her in her tracks when Higher Education is mentioned. Even if it's something she adores like melting metal or making beads.



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