Monday, August 04, 2008

Barney The Leech

Ever since Barney's Big Adventure, he's a changed cat. He was never a fan of sitting on the couch with us, and now, every night, he sits between Obbie & I, paws touching one of us, his back touching the other. Currently, he's laying in the same chair I'm sitting in, wedged between my butt & the back of the chair. Poking me with his paws. He escorts me to bed every night, and once I'm tucked in properly, he either goes back downstairs to hang with Obbie, or finds a sleeping place in the bedroom.

Obbie and I laughed about him telling the other cats stories about being lost in the cornfield. "Dudes, it was SCARY, there was a couple big rainstorms with noise, and then more really big noise across the place where cars go. I never want to go outside again!"

At least, let's hope thats what he was saying. I don't miss pacing thru the cornfield calling for him.


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