Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Up All Night

Maybe not so much ALL night, but this is late for me.

I'm worried about a work thing. Which, frankly, I have no business worrying about, because it wasn't my fault it happened. It's one of those freak things that'll happen every once in awhile.

But, you know me, and I take it personally. But I'm the one who will hear the grumping and bitching and carrying on. And I'll be the one who will have to 'make it right'.


So here I am, worrying about the damn thing for no good reason.

That, and I ate too much today. I didn't eat dinner last night, and for some stupid reason, I tried to make up for it today. Blech. I even ate McDonalds today. That's pretty bad. Even though I have salad and tuna and the good stuff in the fridge at work, I just HAD to get out of there even for a little while today. Why that meant 'drive thru at McDonalds' I'll never know. Then we had turkey breast and rice and corn on the cob for dinner tonight, and I ate too much of all that too. Obbie went upstairs to nap after dinner, and I fell asleep on the couch. Now I'm miserable. And hot. And sticky. And fretting. I feel like shit. So here I am. Surfing and blogging and waiting to be sleepy again, so hopefully I can actually sleep when I go to bed.

Oh and I pissed off my Mom again. I have such fine people skills. Sheesh.


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