Tuesday, July 29, 2008


On Monday, an old friend of my family was murdered by his neighbor.

The neighbor has a history of tormenting the family friend. He's killed our friends cats, he's vandalized his property, he's made threats against the family friend.

Our friend lived alone, and was fearful of the neighbor. He kept himself armed, albeit with a pistol filled with birdshot, 'in case.'

Our friend was a very, very smart man. He took to the grave many things, much 'old' knowledge.

I'm really crushed. This is a guy who came to holiday dinners at my house, wearing old fashioned leather breeches, Colonial shirts, and a tri-corn hat. At Christmas he gave Obbie and I an autographed copy of one of the books he authored.

What a complete waste of life.

It takes a real big fucking man to kill an 81 year old man with a broken leg. His judgement will be long, hard, and painful. Good.

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