Friday, July 25, 2008


Lookit me up at midnight! Yeah, well it's because I fell asleep after eating dinner these evening. So now I'm up. And surfing. And blogging.

I have to get up early in the am and set up at a flea market craft show. Which I usually avoid like the plague, but this one was 10 bucks for a 20 x 20 space. And it's over at 2:00. Surely I should make some money and get rid of some accumulated STUFF. I'm taking the Beadwhisperer inventory too, in the hopes that someone would buy something good. But it's a flea market, and I'm not hopeful I'll sell chain maille or bracelets. BUT YOU NEVER KNOW.

Hell if I don't go to bed soon, I won't be waking up in time to go to this thing. I guess it'll be a ten dollar donation to the cause, and then I can stay here and play in the studio all day.

We'll see what five AM brings.

Oh, the work thing mentioned earlier...not resolved. But guess what. It's not my problem. I've done all I can do with it, and I turned it over to the big guns. They did what I expected, bit at least now, it's really not my problem, nor my reason to stay up half the night.

And the porch will be painted tomorrow. The porch guy is saying the wiring is shot on my porch light, but my thought is that it worked BEFORE he took it down. He can tell the landlady that maybe an electrician should be called.


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