Saturday, July 05, 2008

The Forf Weekend

Dang, it's Saturday already.

Work was brutal last week, especially since it was condensed brutal, four days of hell instead of five days of the same old crap. Too bad next week is going to be worse. PA is on vacation all week, so I shall be PA. Including whatever it is I do too. Oy. I'm glad there is vodka in the freezer.

Yesterday, for the Forf, we cleaned the fridge. I mean CLEANED the fridge. As in, threw away old stuff, including FOUR half jars of salsa, and several desiccated limes. Obbie scrubbed the inside with hot bleach water too. It is showroom clean now, boooy.

Today we're going to Big Mommas for the delayed Forf pic-a-nic. She's showing houses in the AM, so she asked us to come between 2-3. Which means we'll eat around 5 or 6. We won't tell her we ate's a secret.

And Mrs. Cat brought me her kittens yesterday. I couldn't figure out why she was yelling and sitting at the kitchen window meowing. When I fanlly went out to see what her malfunction was, out of their hiding place came four sweet tiny, TINY little babies. Breaks my cold, black heart, kittens do. I have no idea whats going to happen to them now. It's interesting how she trusts me enough to bring me her babies, but I can't pick her up. I ran into the spay/neuter folks today, and they gave me an application to get her spayed. I have to wait 6-8 weeks til she's weaned the babies though. Hopefully she won't get knocked up in the meantime.

Tomorrow is a lazy day. I'll make a couple jewelry things, and that'll be it. Ha. Take that.

And Monday will start a week of hell. Oh boy, I can't wait.


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