Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Dinner & Stories

We went up to the truck stop for dinner tonight.

The salad bar is usually pretty good, and when we use our Flying J rewards card, it adds points to our account, which takes cents off a gallon of gas. A win-win situation all around.

After playing musical booths (two people got up and moved, we dived into the vacated booth, the waitress said, 'someone is sitting there' I said, 'he just moved' and she said, 'no, somebody else' and a cranky old man who looked like he bit a lemon appeared. Whoops, sorry doooode.)

Our waitress was Mindy ("Hi I'm Mindy tonights special is an open faced turkey sammich, and the Santa Maria rib eye") She saw my rings, "Oh! I love your jewelry" and I told her I made some of it...then off we went. She told us that she was "A Bead Girl" and was totally into jewelry, and needed a new claddaugh ring (like I'm wearing, and I can buy wholesale) and a new belly ring (um, never made one, but it's just a loop with a charm, how hard is that?) Then she told us how her husband broke her Kenny Chesney shark tooth necklace at the Lynyrd Skynard concert because he was drunk playing air guitar. She went on to tell us that she lost her Irish claddaugh ring while taking the shoes off her dead Clydesdale, which she made her husband rent a backhoe to bury. Somehow she worked in a story about her dead pit bull, and her retarded cat Tony Stewart ("Because he hits the wall" I took offense to that)

Meanwhile, a quiet older man moved into the booth across from us, and set up his laptop. He was listening to Mindy the Waitress, and pulled a magazine out of his briefcase. "This is me, and my dog, and I won this truck." He signed a copy and gave it to Mindy the Waitress, then asked Obbie & I our names, and signed one for us too. "Obbie & Amy-Happy Trails" His story was something else too. When I find the link to his blog, I'll post it here. Basically he was shot by a truck jacker, but took the truck to his terminal before going to the ER for serious injuries. Wow.

After a few more Mindy the Waitress stories, it was time to leave. She hollered, "I'LL BE CALLING YOU!!" as we were leaving. Naturally everyone turned to see who she was talking to.

Just another night at the Flying J. We should have dinner there more often, you learn all kinds of stuff.


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