Saturday, July 26, 2008

Didn't Go

After I finally went to bed, I slept until 6:15. Set up was to begin at 5:45, and the thing started at 7:00. I'm not going to perish, I guess. But I have to have something to show for having the whole day off to myself.

I'm planning the meals for the week, then I'm off to the farmer's market to get some goodies.

I've got a powerful hungry for mac & cheese, and I don't know why. Guess I'll whomp up a batch of whole wheat mac/cheese, and keep it in the fridge for the week. I'm become so used to whole wheat pasta, I find I don't much care for the other kind.

The Giant had taco dinner boxes on sale. Now I'mnot one to buy packaged foods, because they are usually full of hidden crap, salt and preservatives and all that other junk, and also there's just so much packaging! Anyway, the El Paso Taco dinners are shells, taco sauce and taco spice mix. (Mostly salt) I won't use that. If you bought 8 items on the special list Giant had, they gave you 200 extra bonus points. Thats twenty cents off a gallon of gas! Which in my mind is a big deal.
It sounds stupid now, but it made sense yesterday. So we have 4 boxes of taco dinners and 4 boxes of micro popcorn. Which we use anyway. So there.

Now it's off to the market. I've got ideas on what this week may bring. Obbie works Monday, Wednesday and Friday, so those days will be make ahead meals that he can just warm up when he gets home. The other nights may be grill nights. We're getting kind of tired of dinner salads, sad to say, so it's back to cooking. It's okay, there are a million easy recipes out there.

Carry on!

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