Friday, July 18, 2008

The Capture Story

I was watching CSI on Tuesday night, when I noticed Maxx jumping from the living room window to the dining room window and making funny meowing noises. I figured something was up, at the very least, a skunk or something in the yard.

I looked out, and saw something moving at the end corner of the yard, under the buckeye tree, so I got the flashlight, and beamed it down there.

And there was Barney. Who looked really, really freaked out. I started calling him, and going down that way, and he dived over the fence back into the corn.

Long story bearable, this went on for another couple hours. At one point, I had in my arms, and he panicked and clawed his way out of my grasp and ran back into the field. I guess he was so freaked out after five days outside, (including two big thunderstorms and kids playing with fireworks up the way) that he was just really freaked out.

About 1:30 am, I coaxed him up front on the porch with a bowl of crunchies, and talked to him in 'soothing tones' and he let me pet him. After much petting, I scooped him up and flung him in the house, underhanded, like a slow pitch softball pitcher. He stood in the hallway a moment, then realized he was home, and made a beeline for the kitchen where the food and water are.

Now all is right with the world, he's back to walking on me at 3:23 am (tonight we're working on the difference between 3 and 5) and is generally being the sweetest cat ever.

It's the small things that make me really happy!


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