Sunday, June 22, 2008


I like cutting the grass.

Yes, I know, that's just weird. But when there's a quarter acre to mow, it gives a person a lot of time to think. I take great pleasure in nice even rows. And yes, I change directions each time I mow. It takes about two hours to cut the front (to the corner of the front of the house) and three more hours for the back. The back sucks because there are big divots, and lots of brush. It's like mowing an obstacle course. If I can, I get Obbie to mow that part, because I hate the back.

When I moved here, one of Big Momma's snide remarks was, "Who are you going to get to mow all that grass?" Well duh. Me of course. Sweet Jack gave me a mower the first year I lived here. My Dad felt I needed a new mower, so he got me one at Sears, and I've been using that ever since.

Two years ago, the blade got dull, and instead of listening to my head, and finding a mower repair guy to take care of it, I sallied forth to Homeless Despot and bought a new blade. The damn thing hasn't been right since. It leaves uncut grass in my nice even rows, and I have to go back over the same section two, sometimes three times. Which makes me a hater.

I'm in the process of finding a mower repair guy, and I'm also looking at one of these:

What do you think? I test drove (pushed?) one at Sears, and it's surprisingly light. It's gotten mixed reviews from the folks on the Sears website, but I think I'd like to try one out. Just to see.
Hopefully it won't be a bust like that worthless piece of crap, the Worxx trimmer I bought. What a piece of garbage THAT thing is. Damn. Too bad the vultures were so quick to swoop on Dad's garage after he died, I could have had an almost new wacker, that he bought and was so proud of. Oh well.

I've got to obsess over my yard because my poor garden looks like crap this year. The effing starlings got all the seeding tomatoes and peppers. Sure, I've planted some plants I got at the greenhouse, but I'm not sure if I've missed the window to get the plants in so I can harvest in August or September.

And I broke down and bought a GALLON of Roundup for poison ivy. Yep. Suzy Organic bought Roundup. All apologies, but the poison ivy is awful, awful AWFUL, and I'm tired of playing around with it. I've sprayed it with bleach, and it laughed. So I'm pulling out the big guns.

Take THAT.

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