Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Still Zip

I've got nothing. Seriously.

Hillary's speech went on far too long last night, and I should have been counting "I" "Me" or "My" But I didn't. I'd like to see her & Obama team up because the division in the party is dangerous. It'll take a combined effort to not let McCain get in. McCain is a scary, scary man. I give him credit for being a veteran, but I know lots of veterans that aren't hateful and mean spirited. He's hateful. If you watch his eyes when he talks, you'll see the contempt and hatred he has. That's not good.

The tomato plants are all gone. Snipped down to the nubbins. Fucking birds. Here I've been blaming the bunnies, but there aren't any tracks. It's those damn starlings who live in the porch (and shit on my car daily as payback) I'm off to buy big tomato plants this week. So much for organic.

I sent off two more applications for fall shows. The home town show, as usual, because it's GOOD, and the local two day show I asked you fine folks about earlier in the season. It breaks my heart that we're not going to Virginia for the fall show, because that's always been good for us, but $4 a gallon gas, and hotel stays cut into the profit margin. Hopefully it's the right move, but it's always a crap shoot when you apply for a show. Anymore everything seems like a crapshoot. I ordered beads on Monday night. Crapshoot...will they show up in time? Who freakin' knows. They're only in Baltimore for Gawdssakes. And I paid extra for overnight. Overnight from when is the bigger question. Idiots.

So do I have anything nice to say? Apparently not.

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