Thursday, June 12, 2008


Let's talk about manners.

I have regular contact with a person who is lacking in manners. GREATLY lacking, it seems. She's curt, she's rude, she doesn't say Thank You or Please. When someone is explaining something to her, she talks over them, for whatever reason. Whatever the reason, it's making an uncomfortable situation worse. It's one thing to act superior when you really are, but when you're not, you're just being a jerk.

While on the subject of manners, when did it become okay to text message from work? Twice this week I've been out in the retail world where I've observed salespeople standing around sending text messages. That's not even counting the constant, obsessive 'Checking My Phone' thing, in case American Eagle has a sale on t-shirts or something.

Then there's cell phones in movies. Obbie & I don't go out to the movies much. But the last time we were in a theatre, three times - THREE TIMES, they ran an ad about TURNING OFF YOUR CELL PHONES. Yet some putz two rows down kept opening & closing his phone thruout the movie. Is everyone that important now? Can we not be out of contact for two hours while we enjoy a movie? If you're that worried about your kids/pets/car/stocks/myspace updates, than stay the hell home. Let the rest of us who are confident that the real world will be there AFTER the movie enjoy our $10 popcorn and big budget summer movie.

Baby strollers. Exactly when did they become as big as a Lincoln Navigator? I'm so tired of going anywhere and being accosted by parents and their SUV baby strollers (SUVBS). Blocking aisles, pushing people out of the way, bumping into people with the SUVBS, and generally acting like they are the center of the known universe. And don't you DARE say anything to them!! Oh my Dog, YOU ARE TARGETING THEIR PRECIOUS CHILDREN! WE SPENT $1,000 ON THIS STROLLER, HOW DARE YOU EXPECT US TO SHARE THE AISLE WITH YOU! MOVE OUT OF THE WAY, NON-CHILD HAVING PEON.

I'm starting to feel like that old lady in all the sitcoms - "You damn kids!!! Stay off my lawn!!" or "Those kids today, I just don't know what's going on with them!" Sad, it's not just the kids, it's the vast majority of the population who are completely and utterly clueless about how to act in public.

To quote an acquaintance of mine, "I think I need an unlisted state." No, better yet, a whole generation and a half of people need to get their selfish heads out of their selfish butts and realize they're NOT the center of the universe. (Even though they are a big ball of gas.)

And now the rant is over. Let's hope I've gotten it out of my system for the day.

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