Monday, June 02, 2008

Hooky Hooky Monday

Back at the beginning of the year, Obbie was supposed to go to Atlanta for a conference during the last weekend in May. I was going to tag along, since I've never been to Atlanta, so I took off the Friday and Monday around that weekend.

Obbie didn't get chosen for the conference, so I canceled one of the two days off. Today is the day I didn't cancel.

And I'm just slothing around the house. I played with the polymer clay a little bit this morning. I don't think it's going to beat out beads as my art media of choice. It's cool, I just need to play with it for awhile, and get good at some things. I have found that the Liquid Sculpty is pretty neat, to make transfers of inked images, which one can put on the clay. It'll take more playing around with it, thought.

I also bought car insurance online for both Volvos. As soon as I get the blue one fixed, it's getting sold, and I'll save myself a little money. But in PA, you need to insure the vehicle before it's inspectable. Go figure. That's okay. It'll get done. Obbie's is next.

I also vacuumed the cornmeal out of the cupboard. I grabbed the container, and the lid flew off, and cornmeal went everywhere. Bet you can't guess what I said.

I've done a load of laundry, and that's getting ready to go out on the clothesline.

I also finished a cheesy little bracelet that I started months ago and lost interest in making. I figured, Why Not, it's already halfway done. I may just start another one too, but it's not even noon yet!

I have to go out and get cat litter and cat food, but alas, all my 'good' shorts (read-shorts that actually fit) are in the wash. I might have to get some Ivy Dry or some other poision ivy remedy, because the little bubble on the back of my wrist has migrated to the side. Uh-oh...

Aside from all that, I guess I'm not doing anything but laying around. Just an extension to the weekend.

Oh! At the bead show on Saturday, I ran into my old chum, the Bead Snot. Bead Snot is this woman who I met last year. She was set up at this local 'juried' show, and while her things were nice, none were particularly memorable. Her snotty attitude WAS. She was going on and on about a show she was going to be a part of at the local community college, and I asked if they were still accepting exhibitors. She looked down her nose at me and said, "You must send me pictures, because we need to make sure we aren't going to have any JUNK at this show." I understant her point, but her tone made me want to knock her off her chair. In November, I ran into someone who was also associated with this show, and asked if I was going to exhibit there. I relayed the above story to her, and she laughed, "Oh she's like that. It IS rather offputting, isn't it?" Oh yes, yuk,yuk, yuk, sure is. Eh. So I wrote this asshole off as another pretentious person who had delusions of grandeur matching her poor manners. Too bad, we ran into her again at the bead show on Saturday. I was inquiring to a vendor about some copper earwires. And Bead Snot overheard..."My jewelry is too nice to use junky findings" (uh, okay) and as we left, she was badgering the poor girl taking tickets about the lack of proper air conditioning. "Somebody needs to do SOMETHING! It's AWFUL in there! SOMEBODY should have come in early and turned on the AIR CONDITIONING" Wah, wah,wah. People like that should be shot on sight. They serve no useful purpose except to mock later. Idiot.

So there you have it. Hooky in a nutshell. I'm off to play around with the clay some more, and maybe do some other bead related stuff. See ya


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