Saturday, June 07, 2008


The magic number is 105.

We got to the craft show early and set up without problem. Our booth was on the blacktop parking lot. Overflow crafters, as it were.

Before long, it got HOT. I mean HOT. Everyone commented on the heat. The good news is that we made back our expenses. The bad news is that we left early because we were DYING of heat prostration. Poor Obbie was bright red, and according to him, I was too. So at 3:30, we tore down and packed up and got out of there. Stopping only to get more Gatorade. We made in home in about an hour, and stepped out of our sweaty, gross clothes, and got our sweaty gross selves into a nice chilly shower. It was quite possibly the best shower I've had all year. Then came the quick nap. We woke up just in time for the Big Brown Hype. All I can say is DON'T BET ON THE PONIES. There's a reason the Triple Crown is a hard thing to win. At least Kent Desmoreaux had enough sense to pull the horse up. Smart man, he knows his horse. Too bad the trainer is such an ass. But hey. It's racin'.

I'm beat, so I'll be off to bed shortly. I think I need another quart or so of water. But I'm almost sad there are no more shows til September. I'll have to look into that. (sssh...don't tell Obbie!)

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